The Process & Fees

  1. Schedule a 15-minute consultation to discuss services that interest you

  2. Review services and fees

  3. Choose the service that best fits your budget & your goals

  4. Complete registration, review the contract, & once you are ready to seal the deal sign on the dotted line, and make the payment applicable to your service option

  5. After the contract is signed and your payment has been received you will be invited to schedule our first workout session --- please note that all services are paid prior to proceeding & will continue according to our contracted agreement

  6. You will receive a reminder of our first session at least 24 hours prior

  7. Final step is for you to show up, be prepared to work, & trust the process

    LET'S GO!

NOTE: Fees are subject to change. Please make sure you inquire about fees during your initial consultation!

In Gym Sessions:


In-Home Session:


Group Sessions:

$55/Per Person ~ Must have at least 3 people per group

Please ask about monthly & bi-yearly payments!




"a major shoutout to JiBron for his guidance, knowledge and always being so positive"